Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life Threw an Elders Eyes (bio sketch)

Bio Sketch.                                                                                                                    Jordan Ratty  P. 1

  We all have thought about the past and what it was like and how are family's lives were different before us. I have a father and his oldest sibling just turned sixty years old. She is now considered an official elder and could retire if she wanted to. I chose my aunt Sue to write about the things in her life that are meaningful to her. I wanted to pick her because a lot of things happened in her younger life and she knows a lot about my dad that I don't know. Usually we visit her and my uncle on weekends but I had to phone her because it would take to much time to reach her in person. When I grabbed the phone i had a list of questions to ask her and they were decent, very hard questions that would take time to answer.

     If I were to imagine what she looked like right in front of me it would be easy because I saw her a week ago. She has brown hair, well dyed brown hair because the rest of the older side of the family has silver hair. And freckled tan skin that has a few wrinkles, but for sixty that's pretty good. Her eyes are a lively brown color, she is normal height, healthy, and can still do the splits in yoga. When I greeted Sue her voice wasn't raspy and weak it was strong and smooth while talking. Before the interview began I read the questions and she had a hard time on a few so we decided to do some last. The questions were about why she did things, how things have changed, and what is most the important thing that happened to her.

   I asked her what the happiest and proudest moment of her life was. She replied by saying when she met my uncle, Sandy. They met at a golf course and she didn't have someone to play with so she spent the day with Sandy and his friend. They have been married for over 20 years and still play at golf courses. I can assume she said that was the happiest moment of her life because in her previous marriage it only lasted a few years and Sandy would never cheat on her. Sue works at the hospital as a nurse who somehow works a machine that keeps people alive during heart transplants. I asked her why she stayed working in the medical field all those years. She said that to her it is intriguing and interesting to learn how the body works while also knowing that you saved a persons life.

But the most important thing to her is family and friends. She lost basically two of her brothers because one was shot and the other betrayed the family.  My dad is still close with her and our cousins. I also asked her what she thought of us because my dad didn't really seem like the fatherly type and were the last  kids born in the family. She said she was happy but glad she didn't have to go threw raising kids. Because of the work and it would interfere with her job.  My aunt is proud of what she did in her life  but said she still has twenty years and hopefully more to enjoy the rest of her life.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Middle Ages Essay

What are the Middle Ages?

   Imagine beautiful green hills, massive castles, and the smell of poop. Welcome to the Mideaval Europe. Life in this time period was harsh, unpamperd, and poor lifestley. Unless you were a noble or someone whith poer and money. The highest socail class was the kings and queens, they organized the whole structure of Europe and its millitary. They were born into the class and were pampperd, wealthy, and treated with the highest respect. Lords were the second highest class and were rich nobles given sections of the kingdom to own. The people who generally lived on the lords land were the peasents. Peasents were always considerd poor and had little rights. But there's even a lower class of people, the serfs. They had no rights and only lived to work and serve for others. That is the main social structure of Mideaval Europe. Famous figures like Joan of Arc had great impact on Europe. Also jobs like the miller were essitile for the towns to survive. But large amounts of people were lost to the Black Plague, making it a very important peice of history. I chose these character roles because they had all affected the way Europe is shaped today.

The Millers

   Millers were highly respected peasants of the social structure in Mideaval Europe. They were poorer than the lords and nobles but had an important role in the town a were well known for stealing flour. The main job of the millers were to grind the wheat given to them by farmers to make flour for the baker so the baker could make bread and feed the town. That's why they were respected. Were very rarely allowed to leave the lords land but sometimes if they were needed somewhere and could get their and back quickly they could travel. The job was passed down and inherited by each successor in the family. Meaning they were born a peasant and would have to be a miller. They would have lived in the same homes and had he same lifestyle as other peasants but they had more respect. That's how the millers tie into the social strictures of Mideaval Europe.

Joan Of Arc

  A very young girl who was born a peasant and became a famous military leader and claimed to be a profit of god. At the age of twelve she began hearing voices from "god" about how they should respect and pray to him. When she turned sixteen she fought her first battle after gathering followers and believers though most didn't consider what she was saying because she was a women. June 11th 1429 was the battle of Jargo. She was one of the few women in the world to lead battles and win. Joan was never married and died young. But before her capture in past battles she had survived lots of things like a stone projectile to the helmet while scaling a ladder. She was killed because other people thought she was a witch and burned her to a stake. She is still a well know figure of history.

Black Plague

   The most devastating plague in history. One third of the population on the planet at between 1340-1400 died because of it. The disease originated in Asia and was spread by many sources. Fleas who were infected bit rats that were on cargo ships. They got of the ships and the fleas hot of the rats that then started infecting people. There was no real cure for the plague other than praying and begging plague doctors to give magical potions. Those who got it had blackened nails, bloody vomit, and had pink sores. It spread so quickly because of trade. The thing about the plague is that anyone could get it. So the is no social structure to pair it with because  it didn't matter. But peasants were affected  more since there were more of them.

Why it's important

   All classes of the social structures plated an important role in society. Millers, Joan of Arc, and victims of the plague all played that part. Millers provide a source of food to towns. Joan questioned how they should interpret religion. And  everyone died of the plague creating pandemonium and fear.
Whith out them there would be little food, more soldiers, and no reason to seek the Americas. Some things had good and bad affects but it's a sure thing that they all are important.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

KABAR 3/18/15 Holes

   I was correct about my prediction that the Warden would catch Stanley teaching Zero how to read and how Stanley wasn't digging all of his hole each day. Another major event is that one of the instructors took Stanley in for "stealing" his sunflower seeds. The Warden painted her nails with rattlesnake venom and scratched his face leaving him screaming all because she thought the problem wasn't important to her. Luckily Stanley wasn't punished. We'll so far I think that it was cool that the author added that factor in because it makes it more interesting. But really it would just mean that the Wardens messed up in the head.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

KABAR 3/17/15 Holes

   This time a main conflict is beginning to erupt between the Warden and Stanley after he finds a gold lipstick tube from Kate Barlow. The Warden was demanding and  very serious to get it so that means she was looking fir something not just making the boys dig holes to be better people. I predict that Stanley will try to find the thing the Warden is desperately searching for. Another thing is that Zero and Stanley agreed that if Zero dug part of his hole, Stanley could teach him how to read and write. So in some point of time they will get caught and the Warden shouldn't be happy or sincere to them.

Monday, March 16, 2015

KABAR 3/15/16 Holes

   So this is a short but highly recommended book by just about everyone. I was late to the part meaning I still haven't read the book and am reading now. So far the main character, Stanley was sent to camp Green Lake even though he was innocent. Then started the daily routine of digging five feet wide a five feet deep holes in the dry lake bed. Also the other boys there were criminals with very interesting nicknames. Like Barf-Bag, Zero, X-Ray, and others. My first thought was that it was going to be a lake not a desert and the staff weren't insane. Also who would want to be called Barf-Bag? That's the strangest thing about this book.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

KABAR 3/2/15 - 3/5/15 Maus Articals (online)

3/2/15 Nazi Party
   In this article I read about how Hitler rose to power and started World War II. Hitler apparently was angered about the defeat of World War I so he blamed the Jews and those who weren't in his eyes useful. And somehow people agreed to him and he created a party and ended up as president. So if you think of it, it just shows that people will just blame things on someone else just as an excuse for there own problems. So really any counties in the world are going threw the same thing all it takes is one person to set World War III off as Hitler did. I also read that in Poland they had machine gunned, killed on sight, and enslaved any Jews in sight. It refers to what Valdeck is going threw right now in the book. It also mentioned concentration camps so I can assume in Maus Valdeck will encounter one at some point in time. 

3/3/15 Concentration Camps 

   The camps were created by the nazis to eradicate and kill Jews and people who didn't meet his standards. The article was about a reporter who visited the camps after the war and wrote about the horrifying things they witnessed. The camps were described as dull, harmless, innocent appearing on the outside. But overcrowded, horrible, death stations inside. Just in the one camp only active for three years 1.5 million people were killed there. The people were had to take a shower and remove all there clothing then were sent to the chambers. There were six chambers were 200 to 250 people shoved into then the process began. Hot air was pumped into the room and Cyclon crystals were showered on the people, evaporating and in only two to ten minutes everyone would be dead. I thought it was very interesting how they managed to kill so many in such a little amount of time. I now know what must have napped to the people on the bad side of the courtyard and why they never returned.  

3/4/15  People Escaped
   This article was about how the war prison of Stalag Luft III located near the Polish town of Zagan was supposedly inescapable, but 76 men managed to anyways. It was entered for around 200 men to escape and they remainder that did used the three tunnels they built. Since the tunnels would colasp if not supported, the prisoners used the bed boards and to remove dirt they hid it on specially designed  bags that could be hidden on there trousers and disposed of. But when it was time they had to seal off the three tunnels so only 76 got out, 50 were executed, 23 were recaptured, but 3 made it home to the UK. I can't stop thinking of how that must have shocked everybody that they even escaped. I just looked it up to see if it was possible to escape so it is possible to happen in Maus.  

3/5/15  Really Cool Facts 
   The article was quiet long and had  ninety nine facts about World War II so I'm just going to say a few that stuck out to me as interesting.  Dr. Josef Mengele (the “Angel of Death”) used 3,000 twins, mainly Romany and Jewish kids, for his genetic experiments, 200 lived. The second one was how hamburgers were named "Liberty Steaks" since the name was Germon-sounding. That name makes more since since a steaks made of meat but moving along. The last fact is that a. 12 year old named Calvin Graham enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He somehow won a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart before the Navy found out how old he was. Wow those were really cool facts about World War II.

Three Reasons Why The Giver Book is Better Than The Movie

      The Giver is already a good book so why would someone change that? We'll the movie definitely changes all main aspects of the book making it a sci-fi movie where drones fly around and highly futuristic. But as if the book wasn't good enough they added a villain which was the chief elder.  The book never clearly displayed the bad guys in the book since they were doing was they thought was best for the community it was just boring. And the had the same amount of sameness as everybody else did to show that the villain could be on any side. But somehow the Chief Elder knows of memory's and want to eradicate Jonas with a police force. So how does that apply to the book. We'll it doesn't.

   Secondly who decided to make it a sci-fi movie, out of all things? Reading the book it never mentioned flying drones, holograms, and conveniently placed air injections. The book wasn't intended to be the next Hunger Games or Divergent series, it was supposed to be a different look on things if we didn't have them. Not all of its bad but does it need it? Probably not.

   And finally the last main reason is in the movie, the community is located on a plateau that goes all the way up into the clouds.  The area surrounding it is desert-like and if someone crosses “The Edge,” everyone gets the memories back.  Why?  The only answer I can come up with is that perhaps the people behind the film version thought that the book’s conclusion wasn’t satisfying enough.  Yes, you are left wondering what will become of Jonas and the community at the end of the final chapter, but that in no way makes it an unfulfilling conclusion.  Rather, it provides mystery and a longing to read the next book. In the film, you know what happens to the community when Jonas leaves and you have a more thorough understanding of the rules of Sameness, and that takes away from the awe of the film’s final moments. And those are the three reasons why the book is better than the movie.